There are a lot of issues facing the City of Philadelphia, and I plan on doing my best to answer and solve every single one of them!

I am always open to hearing new ideas, new issues, and anything that may concern you, the local citizen! If you don't see an issue pertaining to you, click on the "Tell Me What you Want!" link and I'll listen. If I agree, I'll insert it into my platform. Remember, I'm fighting for YOUR rights!

Also, below is the full text of my platform. I've done this so anyone coming here can actually have a full rundown of what I stand for and what I want for Philadelphia. Print out anything, show it to your friends, spread the word!


Philadelphia has a serious problem with corruption. New Orleans was notorious for it, and Philadelphia is quickly following in their footsteps. We simply allow leaders with either obvious bad values or not our best interest at heart to win the highest offices in the land, and this current election will be the decider. Can you honestly say that after 8 years of John Street and the Democratic Political Machine that Philadelphia would be any better off repeating the mistake and voting for someone like, of all people, his indicted brother? Can we honestly say that we want a mayor who can be corrupted easily? That bribery, ties to corrupt officials, and deceit is what we want?

If elected Mayor, I will do the following:

Instead of having positions such as Deputy Mayor simply being appointed by myself without any public discussion or thought, all nominees must past through City Council hearings. All City Contracts will be discussed in public hearings before anything is signed and anyone hired. And I will encourage the Committee of 70 to do everything possible to make sure that everything going on is legit. There will be no no-bid contracts during my tenure as mayor.

If elected, I will put an immediate end to bribery! Beginning with me, I will not accept donations over $1000 from any one person, company, or corporation! Not one penny more! The leaders of the past have stated that giving them money will ensure business; under me, it will be the best person for the job, not who can pay me the most!

The citizens of a Democracy have every right to recall any elected official if they feel that they are ineffective. If I am elected, I will reinstate the right of the citizens to recall the mayor and city council members.

I will amend the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to limit the terms of City Councilpersons to no more than three consecutive terms. Limited term limits help stop corruption and allows for other people to run for office, allowing for a constantly flowing stream of progress.

I will establish anti-nepotism laws to discourage familial favoritism from influencing government hiring, policy or operations. The Street Administration has allowed this to happen, and the results have been a worst government.


Philadelphia is currently very similar to New York City when Rudy Giuliani became the mayor in 1993 in terms of crime, namely the increasingly rising rate. While we would all love to go straight toward concentrating all of our efforts into capturing the murderers running the street, the City of Philadelphia could benefit under a different strategy.

George L. Kelling wrote an excellent book called "Fixing Broken Windows: Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in Our Communities". When we look at the crime problem in Philadelphia, think of this: Imagine an abandoned building with a few broken windows. Over time, if the windows aren't fixed, more vandals will come to break more windows. After a while, they may even break in and become squatters. If we allow criminals to commit small and petty crimes like vandalism without much fear of getting caught or punishment, we give them every chance in the world to commit larger crimes such as murder and armed robbery. We have our current murder rate because there is no fear of getting caught.

Unlike our current mayor, I actually will listen to our current District Attorney, Lynne Abraham, and ask her for her ideas on how to lower crime in Philadelphia. Just like when I asked everyone on how to run for this office in the first place, I believe it's smart and effective to listen to someone with years of experience fighting crime when it comes to fighting it yourself.

In conjunction with everything mentioned, I will also have a zero tolerance policy toward crimes such as public urination, vandalism, "aggressive panhandling", and many other offenses. Punishment for these crimes will vary. For those committing a crime for the first time, jailing may not be needed. In acts such as shoplifting, a move can be made to have the person stand outside the store they shoplifted from and hold up a sign telling everyone of their crime.

As an artist myself, I can understand the basic desire to have your art seen, and I can understand the frustration that can come from not being able to achieve it. I can also understand the basic want and desire of wanting to change the environment you live in by "decorating" various piece of property. Therefore, for one full year before the Zero-Tolerance policy is put into effect, any and all former and current vandals will be allowed to turn themselves into the police with no criminal record and no jail time, their only punishment being removing the vandalism that they caused. They will also be given a chance to create their otherwise-illegal art legally. In just one example, the city of Philadelphia will talk with the United States Postal Service about allowing the city to decorate Mail Boxes around the city. Former Vandals will be allowed to urn in a portfolio of their work and will be picked from there to decorate these boxes. Similar programs will happen as well.

While I offer sympathy towards those who have been trapped under the influence of drugs, I have none for those who deal them. Thanks to our current drug laws, we are living under a new age of prohibition. Some states and areas of the country have, in one form or another, legalized drugs. While this is not an option in Philadelphia for countless reasons, the ban on drugs has caused gangs to form and take advantage of this demand. Thought not all drug dealers are tied to organized crime and vice-versa, an iron fist must come down to stop this! We must make tougher laws against drug dealers and sentence them to tougher mandatory minimum sentences and higher fines!

Many people are telling you what you want to hear, and that's tougher gun laws. The problem is we're not even enforcing the one's we have now. Creating tougher standards to buy a guy doesn't and will not work since if someone wants to commit a crime, they will find a way to do it, especially if the item is still easy and legal to purchase for someone else. If elected, I will have a special police patrol dedicated to nothing but enforcing current gun laws. Anyone caught with a gun illegally, either selling or purchasing, will face tough fines and 5 years in jail. We will also have a one-gun-a-month policy in the City of Philadelphia to eliminate "Straw Purchases" and reduce the number of guns on the street.

In the city of Philadelphia, we have people walking on the sidewalk or setting up shop selling assorted goods, and most of these people do not have a license. If elected, anyone doing so in Center City without a license will be arrested and their goods confiscated. We can not have people selling goods on the street without any way for our citizens to fight back. No business will be allowed to hire anyone to sell goods on the street, either. In order to sell goods on the sidewalk, you will need to file for both a business licenses and a permit to do so in a specific area. The only exception to this city-wide law will be home owners and block associations who hold flea markets, yard sales, and the like who will be able to apply for one-day permits upon request. The permit form will be very easy to fill out and will not cost anything to file. The Zoning and Licensees Board will be put in charge of all decisions.

We need to revise Philadelphia Code §10-611 Sidewalk Behavior to do more; Illegal gambling and selling of goods is only forbidden south of City Hall! We must make this law take effect in all of Center City!

If you have any information on anyone selling illegal drugs, you will not have to appear in court until the actual trial. Unlike the current law, you will not have to appear at the hearings before the actual trial, such as arraignment hearings and the like. If the person is convicted, you will receive a $50,000 award from the Citizens Crime Commission and you will still be completely anonymous. If the person is not convicted, we will have you relocated if you wish.

In this Post-9/11 world, we have to realize that there is a serious threat caused by terrorism. More likely than not, there are terrorists in this city. In order to weed them out, I will offer a $1 Million reward to anyone or any group of people who informs us of any terrorist(s) living in Philadelphia if that person is convicted. The reward will be paid out by the US Government and you will be allowed to remain anonymous.

We, as citizens, depend and rely on the police to protect us from the horrible criminals that plague our city. We have over 6,600 officers on the beat for 1.5 million citizens. The question we have to ask now is this: Do we need more officers? Yes, we do. But we need to make sure that we have well trained officers who are looking out for the citizens best interests. I have spoken to police officers, and they have told me that we do need more officers on the streets. When elected, I will do my best to hire at least 1500 new officers during my 4 years in office.

How many of you have called the police and have had officers arrive 20 minutes to an hour later for a crime, ranging from a simple complaint to a robbery? I have had police officers laugh in my face when I told them someone who robbed me was ready to attack me. I have known people who were arrested and put into horrible situations for minor crimes. We have a great police force, but it could be better, and it could be much more effective. We are like America in the "War on Terror"; we need more troops, but we are not getting the best.

We need to allow citizens some effective form for telling us which officers are doing their jobs and which ones are not. So I am proposing a hot line to allow citizens to call anonymously to report crooked cops. To do so, all you need is a badge number, the time of the problem, and the place. And you don't need to worry about asking for a badge number, either; all officers will be required to tell you their badge number when they are on duty before they assist you or arrest you. We will look into all of the reports and do our best to weed out the bad officers.

Our current law, §10-804 False Reports or Alarms for Police or Fire Services, offers no punishment for anyone reporting a false alarm. If elected, I will see to it that there is a mandatory $500 fine.


The PUBLIC control the airwaves, not the corporations! This city needs some form of public access television on broadcast television! If elected, I will do all I can to buy back WGTW-TV, the former Channel 48, from TBN to allow for the public to broadcast on in instead.

As an added benefit, all City Council meetings will be broadcast on the channel during City Council hours. This will allow the people to see how their government works and allow for greater transparency.

We currently have laws in effect that state that no one person can own more than one Television Network in a city. This exact same law should be put in place for Analog and Digital Radio. If elected, no one person will be able to own more than one radio station! The days of massive corporations owning half the radio stations in Philadelphia ends when I am elected!

In order to help the public, I will set-up a Department of Public Information. It will be comprised of Full-Time Graphic Designers and Illustrators to create ad campaigns to inform the public of all my proposed programs, as well as existing programs.

The current web site for the City of Philadelphia is in disarray. There are broken links everywhere, there is no real universal design to the site, and at times it is hard to navigate. The entire web site needs a redesign. Also, all City Council members will be required to have a recent photo of them on their pages, and by "recent", I mean taken within the last 4 years.


Due to my age, I've seen first hand how the anti-drug policies of the past have worked out, and the results are not promising. Drug use is high, and it's tough to simply tell users and abusers to stop. The laws we have now aren't helping because it isn't just illegal drugs that are being abused; over the counter drugs, house cleaners... anything.

What we need is compassion and the community to help.

To stop people who may tempted by this course, I wish to stop jailing all 1st time non-violent minor offenders. If someone is caught with a personal amount of drugs on them and is non-violent, they will receive a $250 fine and the option of either 3 days in jail or 3 days of community service. All minor offenders, as in someone with a personal amount of drugs and is non-violent, after their first offense, will be given a mandatory $500 fine, 30 days community service, and the option of either talking to 30 schools about the dangers of drugs or 30 days in jail. Minor drug offenders are the reason our prisons are so full and why we don't have room for the more serious criminals in Philadelphia. If someone is unable to afford these fines, they will simply serve more community service.

In general, we need something to help anyone who does want to help. The idea of establishing a Department for Drug Treatment has been tossed around for a while, and if elected, I will establish this department. They will be put in charge of everything from managing drug treatment programs and establishing a help line for people to call when they feel the need to take drugs or drink alcohol. We will hire the kindest and most knowledgeable staff possible including therapists and drug rehabilitation experts to help.


I have looked at the campaigns of my competitors, and they all have brilliant ideas on this issue! From creating and building more super markets in poorer areas and communities, lowering taxes, to giving tax breaks for small business. If elected, I will appoint a committee to look into various ideas from small businesses and other local leaders to come up with an effective plan to help the little man.

If elected, I will raise the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour, a decent living wage for the citizens of Philadelphia. Small businesses will need help with this, and I will personally go to Harrisburg to demand additional funds for the city so we can establish an Emergency Business fund to help small businesses in times of need, both in the wage hike and for any business in need of financial help.

Employees have the right to work in a healthy environment. Our current law stating that only new homes should have mold inspections should be extended to existing businesses. If any employee finds a serious mold problem, such as mold growing on merchandise, the walls, or anywhere else and consider it a serious problem, OSHA will be required to look into the matter and determine if the business must fix the problem, leaving employees with the right to possibly sue the owners.

Giving a teenager the chance to have an actual job teaches them responsibility and helps to make them responsible citizens. It also leaves them less time to cause trouble such as vandalism. If elected, I will encourage businesses to hire people 14 to 18. They may not have experience, but they will have drive! They will be willing to work, and that first job will be their introduction into a world of new responsibility.

I think we need to listen to The Philadelphia Forward Tax Reform commission and implement their ideas.

They suggest eliminating the Business Privilege Tax by 2015, which is actually possible if we establish two estimated payment dates for the actual payment. That way, businesses no longer need to assemble the cash to pay their taxes on time. They also suggest adopting a single-sales factor apportionment based on sales in Philadelphia so small firms with few sales in Philadelphia will want to stay. By allowing unincorporated businesses the ability to deduct payments to their partners, members, and their sole proprietors, they no longer need to pay incredibly high taxes that their corporate competitors have, thus allowing for greater competition. While all this is happening, we lengthen the Business Privilege Tax net operation loss carry forward period, or rollover, from three years to ten years. That way, start-up firms are no longer discouraged from locating to Philadelphia.

By eliminating the BPT for all business that open in 2008, we will begin allowing more and more jobs to come into Philadelphia.


If elected, I will eliminate the law stating that businesses staying open later than 7PM must pay an extra tax! This has done nothing but hurt Philadelphia, both economically and socially. It's incredibly hard to attract visitors to the city or have a night out since the city is shut down by 7PM virtually every night. If businesses are allowed to stay open until 9PM, you will increase commerce and visitors. Under my plan, business in Center City and Residential Areas will be allowed to stay open until 9PM from Monday to Thursday, until 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 7PM on Sundays without having to pay extra taxes.

The current system cries out more as a "curfew" than anything else, and it limits the freedom of citizens, creating frustration. In the youth, this frustration of not being able to do anything or have any fun creates anger. This anger leads to violence. Giving people a place to go and have fun is better than giving them nothing.

Center City could be another Manhattan, but instead we just let it sit there under-developed. If elected, I will look into whatever possible solution there is to this! One part of this solution is for the city to buy any and all abandoned homes in the city and use them as the basis to develop. In fact, thanks to immanent domain laws, we could take whole blocks if we must, pay the residents, and rebuild on those properties using local contractors with city contracts. An independent board will be put in place to look over any area or building that is being considered for destruction. I will look at each area personally and have public hearing to make sure that it is an idea that will help the city in the long run.

New construction means new jobs, and once those buildings are done, even more new jobs.

Walking down the Waterfront, I always feel depressed. The area is horribly under-developed, hardly anyone is out there, and save the odd event here and there at Penn's Landing, there isn't much reason for people to go down there. So, if elected, I will stop ANY building until we have a committee dedicated to developing the Waterfront! Even though this will require money, we as a city need to realize that we can not let backdoor contracts and deals control the future of our city! While we will see an immediate budget shortfall, we can be rest assured that we will get the money back 10-fold! A well-developed Waterfront, one with a mall an arcade, and high-end restaurants, will bring a ton of business to Philadelphia! We'll listen to all the neighborhood committees on what they want and work from there.


1. Classes for Small Business Owners - Everyone wants to be their own boss, and what better way to do it then by having your own business? It would be great to have public classes taught in City Hall to teach people how to start their own business, and advanced classes to teach them how to make them grow.

2. I Will Abolish the Minority Business Enterprise Council - If we want businesses to grow, we need to ignore race when it comes to who runs them. Instead, we will have a new council dedicate to helping the poor and struggling entrepreneur called the "Small and Unincorporated Businesses Council".

3. Health Care for Small Businesses - We will do all we can and find ways to help businesses provide health care for all employees. Under my plan, any working in Philadelphia will have health care. We will work with Harrisburg to demand proper funding and do all we can to get state-wide health care.


How do we expect the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow when we don't teach them effectively? If elected, I will increase funding an extra $50 million to our schools. How can we expect crime and violence to go down if we're not teaching kids early on that they're wrong? We are not giving children and teens a place to go after school since we are shutting down parks and after school programs.

I will do everything possible to get parents more involved in our schools through PTA meetings and report cards. I will ensure that no child truly is left behind. We will not look at standardized tests to make sure our schools are doing well; instead, the GPA of entire classes and schools will be judged to ensure proper funding is sent to the right schools. Failing schools need more money and more help now, more than ever, to help their students. I will also look into funding options so that every family and child in Philadelphia will have a computer with Internet access. Philadelphia is working on a Wi-Fi network, and I want everyone to get connected!

Admittedly, no, I never went to Public School as a student. Instead, I went to the same private schools everyone seems to want to put their children into to escape the public schools system. It's understandable; Our schools aren't doing great, and with the escalating violence is making matters worst. So as a student of the private schools system, here are a few steps to take to make sure everyone is learning:

1. Intensive Scheduling: Some know of this as "Block Scheduling". This system changes the dynamic of high schools: Instead of having eight different 40-minute classes, students instead get four 90-minute classes. This allows teachers to teach students more and for students to focus and learn more.

2. Track System: When I started high school, I failed one of my courses and claim close to failing half of my classes overall. As a result, I was put into classes that were focused on making sure I learned at a pace that worked for me, and kept me in courses that were challenging me and ensuring I learned. The track system is divided into Track 1, honor students. Track 2 is composed of your average students, and Track 3 is composed of students who need some extra help and attention. Track 3 also acts as a motivator for students to learn more and do better in school.

All schools will have an arts and music program. Period.


The quality of life in Philadelphia is slowly desegregating. Aside from the rising murder rate, there are still plenty of abandoned buildings and job loss in Philadelphia.

Currently, about 22.9% of the population and 18.4% of families in Philadelphia are below the poverty line. 31.3% of those under the age of 18 and 16.9% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line. We need real solutions to help them.

Even though my economic programs will help, we still need something to help in the mean time. So I am going to implement the following:

If elected, I will actually establish a new Department of Poverty to focus on the poverty situation in Philadelphia.

We need more places in Philadelphia that will give a helping hand to those in need, so I will offer the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and any other non-profit organization that specializes in human services tax breaks to build or buy places in Philadelphia to build new offices dedicated to helping the poor.

Philadelphia has a massive Homeless problem. We have some 1,000 people living on the streets today. The reason for homelessness ranges from person to person, but I want to do something to help solve this problem.

If elected, I have a plan.

I want to have a job placement program for the homeless. Anyone who wants to better themselves and a job will be given information to apply for a job in the many Municipal Service buildings, working as janitors, the mail room, and many other rolls. This same program will be extended to anyone living under the poverty line.

We need to reform the current homeless shelter system. We need to make sure those who do go to a shelter are safe and protected. I will create a new police patrol to work at shelters and make sure everyone is kept safe. Instead of having those on Welfare being forced to abdicate their funds, I will seek funding from the federal government and the state to ensure that the quality of life in these shelters is kept to an excellent level.

Most gun-related crimes are not gang or drug related, but caused by disputes. So instead of someone talking this problem through with the other person, their first instinct is to shoot that person.

We can't fix that overnight, but we can do something to help!

The City of Philadelphia needs a dedicated hotline to help the Hot-Heads of the city; A Toll-Free 1-800 number for people to call. If they're angry about someone or something, they can talk to someone and tell them how they feel. Simply having someone to talk to when you feel angry usually helps to calm a person down and realize the reality of what's going on.

At the same time, many people suffer emotional problems that could easily be helped by having someone to talk to. The youth of this city may not have someone around to listen, so a toll-free hotline of caring people would greatly help.

Philadelphia has an incredibly large homosexual population, and I believe in the right of two consenting adults being allowed to marry if they please. If elected, I will allow the City of Philadelphia to marry same-sex couples. For those of you oppose this plan, think of this; Philadelphia will see an expanded revenue base thanks to more money from marriage licenses, marriage taxes, and the like. I rather call it marriage, though; Civil Unions doesn't really have the same benefits and it almost makes homosexuals seem like second-class citizens, and I don't like that. The City Government will recognize these marriages and give them full benefits.

The Street Administration has put a horrible clinch on skateboarding in Philadelphia and many local skateboarding shops and tourist dollars have been lost to the closing of LOVE Park to skateboarders. If elected, skateboarders will have free-access to the park from 5PM - 6AM on weekdays and full-access on weekends and the summer time. This same law will be put in place of Delworth Plaza. To help pay for this, a 2% Skateboard tax will be put into effect on all skateboard-related purchases in the City of Philadelphia that will be put on before the sales tax. Also, we will have a donation fund to help pay for this program.


We, both as a society and a community, must realize that sex is a part of day-to-day life in this city. The fact of the matter is, talk about sex in general in this city is considered taboo, but the problems caused by it are very real and very much a part of the problem with life in Philadelphia.

In 2004, one out of 12 teenage girls in the city of Philadelphia had Chlamydia. The result was a massive outbreak in our cities high school of multiple STD outbreaks. In order to help stop the spread of STD's in the Philadelphia among not only our youth but also our adults, I will start by funding OPERATION: SAFE SEX. Free condoms will be given out at high schools, colleges, all government buildings, and will be given to any business requesting them. And business willing to hand out the free condoms will be given a small tax break.

There are 10 clinics run by the Philadelphia Health Care Center, and only 2 of them offer STD testing. When elected, we will make sure that all clinics have specialized treatment in STD testing and treatment.

The City of Philadelphia will have a mandatory Sex Education course in all Philadelphia High Schools, with no one being allowed to miss it. All students will be taught the basics of human sexuality, encouraged to practice abstinence, and taught about both proper use of condoms and other contraceptives, as well as STD's that can result of unprotected sex. This will give teenagers a fair and balanced look at sex and allow them to make what they consider to be the proper choices in their lives regarding their own personal sexuality. In addition to that, all students will be given mandatory classes on how to properly raise a child.

Currently, the Philadelphia does not have much in terms of information about STD's in the City of Philadelphia, and very little to help educate citizens of STD's. We need a web site that has information and reports about reported STD's in both high schools, colleges, and the overall health of Philadelphia.


It's actually a lot easier than you think to reduce emissions. For one thing, have you ever taken a close look at City Hall? There are a lot of Incandescent Light bulbs still being used, which is a real waste of both energy and money. When you consider the fact that a florescent light bulb costs a little bit more but uses less energy and lasts for about 4 years, it makes a lot of sense. Small steps such as that will help.

We also have laws stating buses and trucks are not allowed to idle in the city of Philadelphia, but the law is rarely enforced. As someone with Asthma, I know first hand how difficult it can be to breath in this city because of all the smoke and fumes that are pumped into the air, and as the third worst city in America to live with Asthma, I'm not alone in that. We will actively enforce the anti-idling ordinance and increase the fines for those who break it!

We may only recycle 5% of our trash, but that doesn't mean much when we don't look at the system itself. First and foremost, we need to do a study on just how much pollution is being created by our recycling plants. On average, most recycling plants tend to create more pollution than they prevent. If this is the case, we need to invest in reforming and looking into ways to decrease our pollution output from these plants. A full life-cycle analysis of our recycling programs may reduce the risk of unintended environmental consequences.

We also need to increase and streamline the recycling process. A city-wide weekly recycling program would encourage more people to recycle since it would be put out the same day as their trash. While more research needs to be done to see if a single-bin system would actually work, we do need to bring back the ability to recycle plastic curbside. Even though there is research proving that plastic is inferior in a recycled state, it still has multiple good uses and does not decompose for a long period of time.

Not only are vacant industrial sites eyesores and havens for crime, but they also contain large amounts of trash, waste, and can often hold hazardous chemicals. The public will be made aware of these properties, and will be notified of a quick and safe clean-up of these properties.

It's very, very simple: We need to make sure we all have clean water to drink, to swim in, and enjoy. We need to commit to eliminating basement sewage backups and establish a city-wide program to cover property damaged by sewer system failures. We need to look more at green infrastructure technologies, including Green Roofs, Rain Gardens that hold and hold back rainwater, and reduce the overflows from the city sewer system. We also need the Streets Department and people in our communities to focus on making sure storm drains remain clean and free of trash and debris.

In it, we put one trash can in every 2 block radius. We begin to hire local citizens to in neighborhoods to make sure the area stays clean and that they create a sense of community pride. If people are more involved with their communities, they'll want to make sure it stays good.

Philadelphia has an increasingly growing problem with air pollution, and cars are a large part of the problem. Like the federal government, we need to look into alternative fuel solutions to clean the air. Any car that uses Hybrid, Bio diesel, or diesel fuel will reduce the overall emissions let into the air and help air quality. Philadelphia, if not the rest of the country, needs more of these vehicles on the road! So I am proposing a two-pronged solution:

1. Owners will be given a special pass for parking garages and lots to let them receive a 25% discount on their parking.

2. Owners will be given a discount on the sales tax at the time of purchase of their car of only 3% if the car is sold in the City of Philadelphia.


The City of Philadelphia has a massive problem with Transportation partly because we don't have an Office of Transportation!

Philadelphia needs an Office of Transportation to handle working with SEPTA and demanding a greater say in how things are run. Philadelphia accounts for 80% of their revenue, but we are the one's who suffer whenever they strike or want to raise fares! The Office of Transportation will ensure we get a greater say and more seats on the board to make sure we get fair representation. They will work on relieving congestion in Philadelphia's high-traffic areas and work on making sure potholes and street repairs are taken care of sooner and quicker.

Also, the Philadelphia Parking Authority should be under the control of the City of Philadelphia, not the state. Under my leadership, they will go back to city control under the Office of Transportation.

We need to start finding ways to fund a way to extend or Subways further into our city. I want to extend our current Subways system into the Northeast following Roosevelt Boulevard and creating an entirely new line called the Roosevelt Live, or the Bully Line. We will also extend the Broad Street line further into South Philadelphia and further North. The city, along with SEPTA, will come up with a new way to re-brand the existing lines and make them more "hip", allowing SPETA to market the lines even better and create a sense of pride.

If elected, we will enforce the current laws about cabs in Philadelphia. Currently, all licensed Philadelphia Cabs must have a G.P.S. system with a working Credit Card machine. If a cab driver does not inform you before boarding that their machine is working correctly, under my legislation, you will not have to pay for the ride.

The law stating you can't eat or drink non-alcoholic beverages on SEPTA Buses and Subways will be repealed. People have done it for years and there is no enforcement of the law. Also, a lot of people are stuck eating on these vehicles either due to having no time to sit in another place to eat or due to long rides. The law is ridiculous.



For as long as I and most Philadelphian's can remember, SEPTA has had the largest problem possible keeping their public spaces clean. The condition of most, if not all, of their subway stations along the Broad Street line is deplorable, and the condition of it's train stations and stops along the El route are also in bad shape. To help combat this, SEPTA will be ordered to clean every single station in Philadelphia within my first year of office. If this is not done, and if these stations begin to fall into disarray, SEPTA will be ordered to pay fines of $100 a day per station and per violation.


In the city of Philadelphia, most public bathrooms are in horrible disarray. If it isn't the conditions at Market East Station, then it's Homeless People washing up in the Philadelphia Public Library. The condition of public restrooms in most restaurants are also in less-than-wonderful conditions as well!

When elected, ALL PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC RESTROOMS MUST BE CLEAN! Any business, from restaurants, to public transit, to schools, to government buildings, that have bathrooms open to the public will be required to have a clean restroom on the premises. Any one who doesn't will be fined $100 a day per bathroom. A hotline will be setup to allow you to report violators. A special team of 50 inspectors will be appointed to make sure that these restrooms are in tip-top shape at least once a week.


All restaurants in the City of Philadelphia will be checked once every 2 weeks to ensure that the health code is not being violated.


Due to the nature of most fast food, it is generally understood that the demand for food in these places is great and the need to serve food and customers fast is greatly needed. Nevertheless, food preparation can not come second! That is why I will make sure that any and all meat served in the city of Philadelphia must be cooked on the premises, NO EXCEPTIONS! Food may be kept warm with a heat lamp, but no food is allowed to simply be microwave before it's served; it MUST be cooked!

Any business worried about lost revenue shouldn't worry; The money will be made back with no problem due to improved food quality.


People in the Northeast and in South Philadelphia have complained for years that their streets are not plowed in a timely manner during the winter. If elected, a dedicated group of plow and salt trucks will be put on work working on side streets alone so that all streets are cleaned within 24-48 hours of a snow storm.