How do we expect the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow when we don't teach them effectively? If elected, I will increase funding an extra $50 million to our schools. How can we expect crime and violence to go down if we're not teaching kids early on that they're wrong? We are not giving children and teens a place to go after school since we are shutting down parks and after school programs.

I will do everything possible to get parents more involved in our schools through PTA meetings and report cards. I will ensure that no child truly is left behind. We will not look at standardized tests to make sure our schools are doing well; instead, the GPA of entire classes and schools will be judged to ensure proper funding is sent to the right schools. Failing schools need more money and more help now, more than ever, to help their students. I will also look into funding options so that every family and child in Philadelphia will have a computer with Internet access. Philadelphia is working on a Wi-Fi network, and I want everyone to get connected!

Admittedly, no, I never went to Public School as a student. Instead, I went to the same private schools everyone seems to want to put their children into to escape the public schools system. It's understandable; Our schools aren't doing great, and with the escalating violence is making matters worst. So as a student of the private schools system, here are a few steps to take to make sure everyone is learning:

1. Intensive Scheduling: Some know of this as "Block Scheduling". This system changes the dynamic of high schools: Instead of having eight different 40-minute classes, students instead get four 90-minute classes. This allows teachers to teach students more and for students to focus and learn more.

2. Track System: When I started high school, I failed one of my courses and claim close to failing half of my classes overall. As a result, I was put into classes that were focused on making sure I learned at a pace that worked for me, and kept me in courses that were challenging me and ensuring I learned. The track system is divided into Track 1, honor students. Track 2 is composed of your average students, and Track 3 is composed of students who need some extra help and attention. Track 3 also acts as a motivator for students to learn more and do better in school.

All schools will have an arts and music program. Period.