The City of Philadelphia has a massive problem with Transportation partly because we don't have an Office of Transportation!

Philadelphia needs an Office of Transportation to handle working with SEPTA and demanding a greater say in how things are run. Philadelphia accounts for 80% of their revenue, but we are the one's who suffer whenever they strike or want to raise fares! The Office of Transportation will ensure we get a greater say and more seats on the board to make sure we get fair representation. They will work on relieving congestion in Philadelphia's high-traffic areas and work on making sure potholes and street repairs are taken care of sooner and quicker.

Also, the Philadelphia Parking Authority should be under the control of the City of Philadelphia, not the state. Under my leadership, they will go back to city control under the Office of Transportation.

We need to start finding ways to fund a way to extend or Subways further into our city. I want to extend our current Subways system into the Northeast following Roosevelt Boulevard and creating an entirely new line called the Roosevelt Live, or the Bully Line. We will also extend the Broad Street line further into South Philadelphia and further North. The city, along with SEPTA, will come up with a new way to re-brand the existing lines and make them more "hip", allowing SPETA to market the lines even better and create a sense of pride.

If elected, we will enforce the current laws about cabs in Philadelphia. Currently, all licensed Philadelphia Cabs must have a G.P.S. system with a working Credit Card machine. If a cab driver does not inform you before boarding that their machine is working correctly, under my legislation, you will not have to pay for the ride.

The law stating you can't eat or drink non-alcoholic beverages on SEPTA Buses and Subways will be repealed. People have done it for years and there is no enforcement of the law. Also, a lot of people are stuck eating on these vehicles either due to having no time to sit in another place to eat or due to long rides. The law is ridiculous.