First, let me thank you for wanting to get involved with this campaign! It means that you want to change Philadelphia for the better, and that all begins with you!

So, what can you do? There's always donating to the campaign and volunteering. But suppose you want to help out but can't do that, or already have but want to do more. Maybe you've already bought a few buttons, shirts, stickers.. done everything you can to support! What's left?


We need a Grassroots campaign dedicated to getting the word out! You don't need to do much, just something! So to help, we've created flyers to print and hand out! We've also added an easy to copy-and-paste code for you to post banners on your web pages! And you can always be added as a Friend on MySpace!

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WEB BANNER: Post banners on your web sites, forum signatures, MySpace pages.. whatever, really. Just copy and paste the code below.

Small Banners:


Large Banners: