For as long as I and most Philadelphian's can remember, SEPTA has had the largest problem possible keeping their public spaces clean. The condition of most, if not all, of their subway stations along the Broad Street line is deplorable, and the condition of it's train stations and stops along the El route are also in bad shape. To help combat this, SEPTA will be ordered to clean every single station in Philadelphia within my first year of office. If this is not done, and if these stations begin to fall into disarray, SEPTA will be ordered to pay fines of $100 a day per station and per violation.


In the city of Philadelphia, most public bathrooms are in horrible disarray. If it isn't the conditions at Market East Station, then it's Homeless People washing up in the Philadelphia Public Library. The condition of public restrooms in most restaurants are also in less-than-wonderful conditions as well!

When elected, ALL PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC RESTROOMS MUST BE CLEAN! Any business, from restaurants, to public transit, to schools, to government buildings, that have bathrooms open to the public will be required to have a clean restroom on the premises. Any one who doesn't will be fined $100 a day per bathroom. A hotline will be setup to allow you to report violators. A special team of 50 inspectors will be appointed to make sure that these restrooms are in tip-top shape at least once a week.


All restaurants in the City of Philadelphia will be checked once every 2 weeks to ensure that the health code is not being violated.


Due to the nature of most fast food, it is generally understood that the demand for food in these places is great and the need to serve food and customers fast is greatly needed. Nevertheless, food preparation can not come second! That is why I will make sure that any and all meat served in the city of Philadelphia must be cooked on the premises, NO EXCEPTIONS! Food may be kept warm with a heat lamp, but no food is allowed to simply be microwave before it's served; it MUST be cooked!

Any business worried about lost revenue shouldn't worry; The money will be made back with no problem due to improved food quality.


People in the Northeast and in South Philadelphia have complained for years that their streets are not plowed in a timely manner during the winter. If elected, a dedicated group of plow and salt trucks will be put on work working on side streets alone so that all streets are cleaned within 24-48 hours of a snow storm.