Due to my age, I've seen first hand how the anti-drug policies of the past have worked out, and the results are not promising. Drug use is high, and it's tough to simply tell users and abusers to stop. The laws we have now aren't helping because it isn't just illegal drugs that are being abused; over the counter drugs, house cleaners... anything.

What we need is compassion and the community to help.

To stop people who may tempted by this course, I wish to stop jailing all 1st time non-violent minor offenders. If someone is caught with a personal amount of drugs on them and is non-violent, they will receive a $250 fine and the option of either 3 days in jail or 3 days of community service. All minor offenders, as in someone with a personal amount of drugs and is non-violent, after their first offense, will be given a mandatory $500 fine, 30 days community service, and the option of either talking to 30 schools about the dangers of drugs or 30 days in jail. Minor drug offenders are the reason our prisons are so full and why we don't have room for the more serious criminals in Philadelphia. If someone is unable to afford these fines, they will simply serve more community service.

In general, we need something to help anyone who does want to help. The idea of establishing a Department for Drug Treatment has been tossed around for a while, and if elected, I will establish this department. They will be put in charge of everything from managing drug treatment programs to establishing a help line for people to call when they feel the need to take drugs or drink alcohol. We will hire the kindest and most knowledgeable staff possible including therapists and drug rehabilitation experts to help.