Philadelphia has a serious problem with corruption. New Orleans was notorious for it, and Philadelphia is quickly following in their footsteps. We simply allow leaders with either obvious bad values or not our best interest at heart to win the highest offices in the land, and this current election will be the decider. Can you honestly say that after 8 years of John Street and the Democratic Political Machine that Philadelphia would be any better off repeating the mistake and voting for someone like, of all people, his indicted brother? Can we honestly say that we want a mayor who can be corrupted easily? That bribery, ties to corrupt officials, and deceit is what we want?

If elected Mayor, I will do the following:

Currently, the Mayor of Philadelphia makes anywhere between $135,000 to $165,000 a year. If elected, I will gladly take a pay cut and only ask for $75,000 a year! I don't need much to live, and that's a decent living wage if you ask me. I am willing to take the cut because Philadelphia is facing a budget crisis and, like I said, I don't need much. All raises of my salary will depend on both the budget situation getting better, as well as a measure that will limit raises to only $5,000 a year. Every November, voters will be allowed to vote on if I can get a raise or not. Those of us in office are paid for by taxes, and if we are going to lower taxes, we need to tighten our belts!

Instead of having positions such as Deputy Mayor simply being appointed by myself without any public discussion or thought, all nominees must past through City Council hearings. All City Contracts will be discussed in public hearings before anything is signed and anyone hired. And I will encourage the Committee of 70 to do everything possible to make sure that everything going on is legit.

If elected, I will put an immediate end to bribery! Beginning with me, I will not accept donations over $1000 from any one person, company, or corporation! Not one penny more! The leaders of the past have stated that giving them money will ensure business; under me, it will be the best person for the job, not who can pay me the most!

The citizens of a Democracy have every right to recall any elected official if they feel that they are ineffective. If I am elected, I will reinstate the right of the citizens to recall the mayor and city council members. nestly, this seems like a matter of no question.

I will amend the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to limit the terms of City Councilpersons to no more than three consecutive terms. Limited term limits help stop corruption and allows for other people to run for office, allowing for a constantly flowing stream of progress.

I will establish anti-nepotism laws to discourage familial favoritism from influencing government hiring, policy or operations. The Street Administration has allowed this to happen, and the results have been a worst government.